Touching One Life At A Time

touching one life at a time

Hi, My name is Dawn O’brien with my husband Daniel and our dog Pebbles.
I’m the founder of Dawns Heartfelt Corner. I really enjoy speaking to the youth
about drugs n alcohol and my true life story of what I had to go through due to
a drunk n driver. I have touched many adults and the youth by speaking with middle schools, high
school students, speak to drug addicts and alcohol addicts, and bringing people
closer to our Lord and Savior. If you would like me to speak at your convention
or event please contact us by email

Starting of Dawns Heartfelt Corner

Touching one life at a time through communications and schools, drug rehab centers, pregnancy centers, women’s meetings, youth functions, and other places of need.

Setting up a Christian rap band to reach the youth called Joel 2:28.

Distributing our monthly newsletters locally and nationally in public jails and to the public.

Making disciples out of men and women through our monthly meetings, passing out bibles, feeding and speaking to the homeless, visiting the elderly, offering a helping hand to those less fortunate, who are disabled, lonely, forgotten, abuse and mistreated.

In time Dawn’s Heartfelt Corner non profit 501 (c) 3 organization will be world wide.

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