posted by heartfelt on Sep 24

Dear precious saints,

I am very sorry I am unable to write the newsletter for July but I will try to get the newsletter out August.

On another note:

Things are going to start taking off for “Dawn’s Heartfelt Corner” and we need the help of all those who have made a vow to volunteer. This cannot be done without people like you. Since I am not able to drive your help is very much needed. In time “Dawn’s Heartfelt Corner” wants a few dedicated people that we can trust to make sure we arrive to these events with our materials, help us set up the booth and run it on Saturdays. Also people that will help us on either Saturday or Sunday mornings to visit the elderly in nursing homes for holidays. We will go feed and speak to the homeless but we are still waiting for funds to come in and other positions to be filled. We need a dedicated driver that will help us at all of our events to drive and carry materials. If that is you, please let us know. This position is not based on color, religion or skills just a hard worker wanting to help us with a good heart. Also, we are need of an Assistant to Dawn. Your job will be to go to meetings and all the events I attend. You will work closely with me and speak to the public. We need people to run the booth at all our events. You will pass out literature and talk to the public. In time resources will be available for purchase.

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