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Dawn's Testimony Starting Dawn's Heartfelt Corner Episode 1

Dawn's Testimony Starting Dawn's Heartfelt Corner Episode 2

Giving Thanks To The Lord & What Is Prayer Episode 3

Different Types Of Prayer - Prayer Of Salvation Episode 4

Daily Prayer Seeking The Lord On His Daily Counsel Episode 5

Love The Fruit Of The Spirit Episode 6

Love For The Day Valentines Day - Let Us Love One Another - Love Comes From God Episode 7

New Year Of Beginnings Episode 8

Stand Your Ground and Keep Standing Episode 9

Shielding Your Self Against Satanic Attacks Episode 10

Giving Honor To Our Mother - Happy Mothers Day - How Our Mothers Take Care Of Their Child Episode 11

Loving The Unlovely And Forgiveness Episode 12

Christ Has Risen - Love Has No End - God Loves Us With No Strings Attached Episode 13

Praise God No Matter What Comes Your Way Episode 14

Saints Of God This Is A New Day In The Lord - All Things Are New Episode 15

Why Are You Down Cast On My Soul Episode 16

Sacrifice of Praise To God Episode 17

Who Is Knocking At Your Door Episode 18

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